Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Little River Zoo

Yesterday we went to The Little River Zoo. If you are ever in the area you need to check it out. They have several rescue animals that they take in and you get a guided tour. Our kiddos had a really good time. And so did this big kiddo! Here are some pictures, take a look.

The Crew

Cute bird

Cute Kangaroo

Cute Goat

Cute Kid looking at Cute Goat

Cute Monkeys or is it Cute Monkies (I don't feel like
looking it up)

Cute Peacock (or if you are Luke it's a Cute Peacop)

Cute Lemur

It's so ugly it's a Cute Pig
And there you have it ~ our day at the zoo.


Elizabeth said...

Looks like you all had fun!! Great Pics!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good assortment for a small place! Loved all the cute animals and the Peacop cracked me up:-)