Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our town had trick or treating last night. Today has been lazy. Watched a little Rocky Horror and Halloween today. After lunch Brent and I played Boggle and Yahtzee with Hannah.

So Saturday everyone was spread out across the state. Colton was in Edmond, OK at the State Cross Country Meet. Brent and my Dad went to watch. They didn't do very well, I felt bad for the kids. Hannah had her last game to cheer then I dropped her off at my sister's house so she could play with her boys. So I had the afternoon home alone, yea!!!!!

We had "Halloween" at my Dad's house like always. He had a costume party to go to and he found the perfect costume.

He started growing out the beard a few weeks ago, it has been driving him crazy. I haven't talked to him today to see how the party/costume went.

Colton borrowed Luke's plastic hair and helped pass out candy.

And the rest of the crew. Luke was a Transformer, Ben a coach and Hannah was a creepy skeleton thing monster, I'm not really sure.

We had a fun Halloween. Now on to Thanksgiving :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Texas Ranger Journey

I never followed baseball until I met Brent. He introduced me to his favorite team, the Texas Rangers.

This was my first Texas Rangers game circa 1991 I believe.

I can't remember who they played or even if they won.

Shelly and Bryan came along too. They were our chaperones and made sure there wasn't any pre-marital hanky panky. I can remember seeing "KKK". I whispered to Shelly "can you believe they have KKK up like that". Brent informed me it was for the strikeouts. Ooops! See, never followed baseball. I was also shocked that the fans booed one of the players everytime he came out. So I asked Brent why do they boo that guy when he comes out. His name? Steve Buuuuuueeeeeechele. Ah! Not booing. Oooops! Again, never followed baseball.

Years later Brent got to take his only son to his first ever Rangers game, circa 1998.

We got there early to walk around the stadium and to watch batting practice. Colton got a ball.

Colton was a little trooper. It was a long, hot day. He lasted until the 7th inning before falling asleep in my lap.

2003 was Hannah's first experience at a Ranger game. She was more interested in the food than the game.

We had awesome seats. Right behind their dugout.

See, close. (Bet Teixeira wishes he was still a Ranger.)

So the past 20 years I have gotten to know the Rangers and the game of baseball. We have gone to games, watch the games etc. He even took me to a game on our 10 year wedding anniversary. It was dollar hot dog night. Nothing says "I love you" like dollar hot dog night. He did, however, paid to have our names put on the board wishing us a Happy Anniversary. I have listened to Brent say year after year that this is their year. They got close a few years ago winning the AL west title for the first time ever. We were at their game the following day. I've also heard a lot of "those sons of bitches I'm not ever watching them again" too but he still came back to them.

And finally on October 22, 2010, a day my sweet husband and many of a Texas Rangers fan has been waiting for,

the Rangers won their first ever ALCS in game 6 beating the Yankees. Beating the Yankees makes it so much sweeter too for people like my sweet husband who HATES the Yankees and everything they stand for. So now on to the World Series. I might need to buy more Tums :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Colton this morning getting ready to go to Regionals in Norman, OK. Brent went on the bus with the team. He didn't get to run, he was an alternate, but he got to go just in case he had to run for somebody. He didn't have to and I'm sure he isn't to upset about it because it has rained all day in Norman, OK. They are on the way home with a Regional Championship trophy. The girls placed 2nd. So we go to State next Saturday. Way to go Wildcats!!!!!

Hannah and I stayed home because of cheerleading. As we were going down our road, I got a no cheering text so we turned around, yea!!!! Comfy clothes went on and we have been enjoying a quiet, lazy, rainy day. Love days like this.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Junior High State Cross Country Meet

She ran in the pouring rain and placed 33 out of 91 girls. Girls team placed 3rd and boys team placed 2nd. Way to go Wildcats!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Class of 2013

Colton got his class ring today. When he brought the order form home I was really surprised he even wanted a ring. It's his birthday present this year so happy early birthday Colton.

His name and school mascot (Wildcats) on this side.

The year he graduates and the cross country symbol. I also realized the year he graduates will be my 25th high school reunion, OY!

Can't remember what is around the stone and can't figure it out from the picture. On the stone is M for Madill. The stone is July's birthstone, he didn't like December's birthstone.

I still can't believe he will be out of school in 2 years. Seems just like yesterday I was taking him to Kindergarten :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jimmy Ward's 1st Annual Cookout

My Dad had a cookout at our place this past Saturday. We probably had around 60 people out at one time or another. We had a blast.

He even got a band. Introducing the Fat Bastards.

Yes you read that right, Fat Bastards. Back in the day there was a little local band called Mesa Ridge. These guys are 3 of the original members that still play a little here and there. They played a lot of their old songs, it brought back so many fun memories of going out dancing with friends. A lot of those friends were at the party and it was fun laughing and reminiscing. A little trivia for ya, the guy on the left was our contractor when we built our new house.

There was lots and lots of dancing. Dad goes to a couple of different places to dance and he has met some new people. They are a hoot.

And the surprise guest.

Michael Jackson? I have known this woman as long as I can remember. She danced to Beat It and it was hysterical.

Even the little ones had a ball.

So glad everyone had a good time. They think Dad needs to do this twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring. He probably will knowing him.

For some non-party news, Colton had to run Saturday and ran his best 5k (19 minutes). He now will get to be an alternate on the varsity team this Saturday at regionals. We are beyond proud of him.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reuel Little Classic 2010

Colton & Hannah ran in the Reuel Little Classic last Saturday. It was Hannah's 3rd time & Colton's 1st time to run this race. They both ran the 5k.

He can sense me & my camera a mile away.

She will forever let me take her picture.

He ran his best 5K with a time of 19'50", he placed 4th in his age division. He did a fantastic job.

She ran her best 5K with a time of 23'49", she placed 6th in her age division. She also gets to run at State, again, for Junior High next week. She did a fantastic job.

They have been working really hard, since July, & we are so proud of them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Lawsy I have neglected the old blog again. We have (and by we I mean the kids) are still running but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Colton is running tomorrow in Edmond, OK and they are both running Saturday in the Reuel Little Classic 5K. If Hannah places in the top 15 for the Junior High she will get to run at state October 22nd and that will be her last meet, if she makes it but I'm pretty sure she will. Not sure if Colton will get to go to state this year but he has really improved since the beginning of the season. He has done well for being his first time running cross country.

Hannah is still cheering on Saturdays and her last game is October 30th. They are performing at the high school game in a couple weeks and she got moved to the bigger stunt because the little girl who was doing it hasn't shown up for practice. They put her up a few times and they nailed it so she was just a little bit excited. Just hope it goes well during the performance. A mother of one of the girls on the team called the assistant coach, who also happens to be a close friend of mine :), asking why Hannah is the star of everything and why her little girl didn't get to be in a stunt. Really? Oh the drama of 5th grade, and I have a feeling it won't get any better as they get older.

My Dad is throwing a big cookout at our house next weekend so Brent has been working really hard cleaning up his shop. There is going to be a band and dancing so should be fun. There is also going to be a surprise guest. Can't wait to see what that is, Dad won't tell me or Brent. There is no telling what that man has up his sleeve.