Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For A Friend

I made this for a friend who is walking in the 3 day walk for breast cancer in Washington D.C. next week. She will be able to get it on the road.

Go Kathy Go!!! I'm so proud of you :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sketchy Thursdays (sketch 9.24)

My LO for the sketch/challenge blog Sketchy Thursdays.

I took this picture of Colton on his first day of being a freshman in high school. AAARRRRGGGGG!!! Sorry.

Journal reads ~

What happened? to that sweet little boy? Colton is a freshman today. I still remember taking him to 4 year old program; like it was yesterday.

Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Colton Pictures Finally

I told you Colton was still around. And I have proof :) They finally got to play at Sulphur yesterday.

That's him playing left field and ignoring me.

See. Ignoring. And a question for you baseball coaches: why white pants? WWWHHHHYYYYY!!!!!

And he's batting.

Get back Loretta!

Making Momma nervous!

Please don't send him.

Son you are getting mighty brave. Remember you inherited my speed. Sorry!

And that's it. No picture to end my witty post. They lost both games but they hung in there. They are young so it should be fun watching them play in the coming years.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cross Country 9/26/09

Guess what? More pictures of Hannah running. Colton has a baseball game today so stay tuned for proof he is still around.

Let's get fired up!!!

And they're off!!!

Hannah wore her spikes for the first time. I just knew she was going to fall but she didn't.

Hannah and PaPa. I'm so glad they do this together. This was a Junior High meet so she was running against a few girls her age but mostly older girls. She placed 34th out of 86 and ran a 7 min 48 sec mile. We are really proud of her.

And just for Brent. A picture of me with Hannah and PaPa :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's In Writing

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah told her Dad that she wanted to get married down by the pond. He told her she needed to put that down in writing. So Tuesday night she brings this to us.

It says:

This is my handprint. I want you to keep this tell I get married. I want to get married at the pond. P.S. I want it pretty.

She fills my heart. She drives me crazy most of the time but I can't imagine my life without her.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Run Hannah Run

I think I've used that title before but that is all she/we have been doing this month. Colton is still around for those of you who are wondering. Hopefully I'll get to take some pictures of him playing baseball Sunday if we don't get rained out.

So Hannah ran yesterday against girls her own age finally.

This girl amazes me.

Notice PaPa on the left telling her to pass the girl in front of her :)

She got 2nd place with a time of 7 minutes 46 seconds. Madill placed 1, 2, & 3. It should be fun watching these girls grow up and run together.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Saturday

I thought weekends are for rest and relaxation. Not around here. Hannah had to run in a Cross Country meet this morning and cheer. Thank goodness the meet and the game were in Madill :)

First on the list was running.

Getting ready to run.

Here I was just hoping she wouldn't slip and fall. It has been raining here for days so the course was a little wet to say the least.

She placed 45th out of, well, I don't know :) PaPa said she ran good so that's all that matters. She runs Tuesday with her age group. She was supposed to run last week but it was rained out. Hopefully with her running with the older girls it will help her when she runs against girls her own age.

Next up, cheering.

She was just glad she made it time to do her "stunt". Her words, not mine :)

Being cute.

4th grade Cheercats!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sketchy Thursdays

Sketchy Thursdays is a new sketch/challenge blog. This is a LO I did for the sketch posted for 9/17/09.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Back?

We are trying to get back in the swing of things around here. It's just weird not having Mom around. My Dad's birthday is tomorrow. We were going to take him out but we our going out Thursday after Hannah runs so he wanted to wait and do it then to save money. He's so sweet to think of everybody else. So Brent suggested cooking out hamburgers. Sounds like a plan Stan :)

So Mom was into Stampin' Up! stuff. She liked buying it more than actually using it. I would try to slow her down buying stuff but then she said she wanted me to have it when she passed away so I told her to keep on buying. It was our little joke. I much rather have her here than me having her Stampin' Up! stuff. Anyway, I started going thru her stuff and lawsy lawsy lawsy she had a lot more than I knew. I went thru her stamps and picked out what was more of my style. I have 30 containers. Let me repeat that. 30. Containers. And there is still more left in her craft room. She had the entire set of markers and ink pads. Entire. Sets. She also had a Big Shot plus some dies that she hadn't even used. I told Daddy that he might want to step out of the house when I started taking it out so he didn't know how much she spent :)! I have no idea where I'm going to put it all but I will put it to good use Mom. I promise.

Hannah is cheering on Saturdays for the peewee football games (only 4th grade).

It was nasty wet during the game so I didn't get my good camera out. I took this after we got back home from the game. The boys lost, but the Cheercats did awesome. I heard they did better than the 5th and 6th graders. I was very proud of them.

This is a page I started before our world was turned upside down. That seems like ages ago but it's only been a couple of weeks. I only had to add the "slurp". We had some watermelon left over from July 4th so Brent iced one and we ate it the next day. Hannah really didn't like the watermelon but went and got a straw to slurp up the juice.

So that was a totally random post, huh? :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our New Normal

What a week. Mom passed away from liver cancer last Saturday. She wanted to fight so hard but her body just wouldn't let her. We lost my Grandma May 13th of this year, buried her on a Saturday and then the following Friday we had Mom in ICU at Ardmore after she began throwing up blood, ended up having to get blood..... I remember between the "five" days just ready to get back to normal after Grandma died. Then Mom was diagnosed with cancer. A close family friend told me that this is our new normal. I hated our new normal. I was just pissed off. And frustrated. We would have good news, then the next time bad news. Then good news, then bad news. It was a wild ride to say the least.

So after the funeral my friend and I were sitting on the couch just watching people go by fixing their plates and just catching our breaths. She asked if I remembered her telling me about Mom's illness being our new normal and I said yes. And she said well, this is your new normal. This new normal sucks. No more new normals for me will be much appreciated. 2009 has been a really shitty year.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boomer Sooner!!!!

This is for you Brent!!! Love you and wish I was home watching with you even though you don't think I like to :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Can Feel It!!!

The beginnings of fall weather. The last few days the weather has been so nice. Low humidity, cooler's such a welcome change. But knowing Oklahoma, we will have another 100 day before it's all said and done :)

We haven't really been able to use our little cowboy grill much because even after the sun went down, the temperature was miserable. So since it has been nice in the evenings, Brent went and bought the makings for s'mores.

Brent getting the fire going.

Hannah trying to resist eating the marshmallows before roasting.

And we're roasting.

He too is enjoying the cooler weather. And waiting for someone to toss him a marshmallow.

Brent offered to make me one but I told him no thanks I have my own way of roasting my marshmallow. It's an art form.

And she too has her way of doing a s'more; no graham, just chocolate and marshmallow. She's just a little bit like her momma :)