Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Princess

Hannah was chosen by her peers as a nominee for her school's Valentine's Day Dance Queen. Very exciting. She could make posters, we made one, & pass out treats.

I had the poster board on hand and it just happened to look valentine'sy (new word). In my memory bank I could remember a picture I took of her one Christmas morning with her new crown & thought how sweet that picture would be on her poster.

We went dress shopping & we got lucky at the first store. She found a cute red dress on the sale rack for $12. Yes, 12 DOLLARS. And when we were checking out the cashier asked if we had a coupon, we didn't, but he did so we got an addtional 20% off. Jackpot!!!! We found shoes for $20. She had a pretty little heart necklace her MeMe gave her so I got out of this a lot cheaper than I thought I would, well, until she couldn't find the shoes 10 minutes before we had to leave for her to have her hair done for the dance, I'll get to that in a minute.

Some pictures I took during the dance.

This is Cody. His dad went to school with Brent at Lindsay. And now their kids are going to school together in Madill. Fun!

Hannah didn't win but like they always say, it was a honor just to be nominated :) She had a ball so that is all that matters.

So back to the shoes. I had made an appointment to have her hair done. Her hair is thick & hard to keep a curl so I knew it would be more fun, for the both of us, just to have it done. It was worth every penny. Anyway, 10 minutes before we had to leave to get to her appointment (that they were working her in mind you) she couldn't find her shoes. Anywhere. And she didn't have any other shoes that would work. I'll admit it, I was beyond pissed. So I told her she would have to wear black flip flops if we couldn't find a pair in town (we had 2 choices, Walmart or another little department store in our little town). After her hair appointment we didn't have much time to look for anything because she still had to get ready. Department store nada. Fingers crossed as we walked into Walmart & they had some for $10 that worked out perfectly. Phew! Oh, & she found the first pair on Sunday after the dance. Where were they? In the bottom of clothes hamper. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hannah was asked to be on the SWAT team from the karate school she goes to. They do demonstrations at basketball games, etc. She was excited about getting to be on the team. They have been practicing since fall & finally got to perform last month for the our schools.

This group consist of different ages.

Hannah was getting a little nervous here :) They performed 2 times at the elementary school so she had time to calm herself down before performing before her peers at the middle school. The little ones loved them.

Jerry really liked them too. His aid brought him to both performances because she said he just laughed and smiled throughout the whole thing :)

They survived performing in front of the middle school, yea!!!!

Their last performance was for the high school, including her brother & he was impressed.

They have performed at a couple of basketball games & that's it so far. They will probably get busy again when festival season gets started in the area. We love our festivals here in the South :)

When I get a good video of them performing I will post it. I had one, but the boy who does the nunchucks hit himself in the eye & it was a little too bloody. He was okay. A little super glue fixed it right up.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cherry Limeade

I've been on a major Braum's cherry limeade kick. I use to like Sonic cherry limeades which is basically cherry flavoring thrown in sprite but they changed their cherry flavor a while ago & I didn't like it, at all.

I've tried different recipes here & there that were okay, but not as good as Braum's. Finally I googled Braum's cherry limeade recipe and one popped up. Yea! And it taste just like Braum's version. And saves me money.

Here's the recipe:

1/4 C simple syrup mixture (see below)
1 lime (roll on counter before cutting)
2 T maraschino cherry juice
Club soda

Cut lime in half & squeeze juice into glass. Throw one lime half in glass. Add cherry juice, a few cherries & simple syrup mix, stir. Add ice. Top off with club soda & stir. Easy peasy & so dang good.

Simple Syrup

Bring 1 cup of sugar & 1 cup of water to a boil, let cool. That's it.

You can use 2 tablespoons of grenadine instead of cherry juice but I don't like the taste of the grenadine in this drink.

So there you go. Let me know if you try and liked this version of cherry limeade.

Until next time ~ Stacy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Had a post ready but

Stupid blogpress wouldn't work. So I had to delete the app and reinstall.

We are in the same thing everyday mode of our life. Hannah is finished with basketball and track will be starting. Colton decided to play baseball this year after sitting out last year. I opened my big mouth and offered to organize sandwich making for out I town games. Good luck to me.

I deleted all my pictures off my phone after uploading them to my computer so this will be a picture less post. I'll get better about posting :)

Until next time ~ Stacy