Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Sad

When I got on Facebook this morning I was surprised and heartbroken to find out that the old barracks at Fort Washita was on fire. A many of school field trips have been taken to Fort Washita and lots of family memories have been made there too.

A little history about Fort Washita taken from

Fort Washita is today an historic site
managed by the Oklahoma Historical
Society and listed on the National Register.
Sitting close to the Washita River, along the
old Texas Road, the Fort is a scenic,
contemplative and quiet place where one
can really reflect on history. But in its
former use as a frontier outpost, the Fort
saw lots of action.

Established in 1842, the fort's main
purpose was to protect Chickasaw and
Choctaw settlers from the Plains Indians.
Being the furthest fort in the Southwest,
Fort Washita anchored growing Indian
communities as well as serving as a
staging area for the Mexican-American war
of 1848. Though the fort generally had a
population of about 150 soldiers, during the
height of that war over 2,000 troops called
it home.

Post-war, the Fort became the seat of the
Chickasaw and Choctaw agencies, As 1861
rolled around, however, the Union army
abandoned its post after the Choctaw and
Chickasaw nations seceded, and
Confederate forces soon took over.

Well, we all know what happened to the
Confederates. Fort Washita did not see any
major battles as it was a solidly built place,
though there may have been attempts by
the Union army. Nonetheless, by 1865 the
fort was abandoned. As the frontier moved
further west, settlers dismantled many of
the stone structures. The Chickasaw
leader Charles Colbert bought the fort and
lands surrounding it, and his extended
family lived in many of the buildings. Their
house - the former West Barrack - burned
in 1917, but the family remained (and many
members are buried on the grounds). In
1962, the Colberts deeded the property to
the Oklahoma Historical Society, which has
done a superb job of preserving it.

Driving out to Fort Washita, you'll see cross
timbered prairies and pass semi-ghost
towns, relics of Fort Washita's hey-days.
The drive is truly tonic for the soul. Fort
Washita has a wonderful interpreter on
staff and a small museum and store. So
drive on out and witness Oklahoma history
first hand!

My sister Shelly text me this morning and wanted to know if we wanted to go out there this eveing for a picnic. She had no idea that the building was on fire. Spooooooookkkkky!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Homeboy medal today at the Cross Country meet and I think he was a little bit excited. He placed 13th which is the highest he has placed in a meet. He barely let me take this picture. Hannah and I had to leave again after she got done for a ballgame. Both were in the same town so yea!!! And it was hot again and I don't see it getting cooler any time soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quick Pages Are Quick. Well duh!!!

erica quickpage design

This was a freebie from Jessica Sprague birthday week. Just dropped the picture in, added name, date and voila!, a page done. I {heart} free digital downloads. Go look around. There is lots and lots available.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sketch from Basic Grey

Still working on digital scrapbooking. Learning more and more but just need to practice more so it doesn't take me so looooong to get 1 page done.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've been really neglecting my blog. Need to do better. We are in the full swing of back of school, cross country, cheer & a thousand of other things thrown in for fun. And I use the term "fun" loosely because it consists of me driving, picking up, dropping off and waiting on kids.

Last Saturday was Hannah's first football game.

She also ran that morning in Ardmore and thankfully we were only about 30 minutes away from the football game and we have the 2nd game this year. I didn't get to see Colton run but Brent represented so there you go. The only thing I forgot was to grab the "easy" camera for Brent to take so he could take pictures of Colton. I hope he doesn't feel neglected the poor thing. Momma will get her head out of her butt next week son.

Oh yeah, it was hot Saturday. Like so hot by the time it was time for the 6th grade to play it was Africa hot. A cheerleader fainted and had to be taken to the hospital and I was told several football players had to strip off jerseys/pads because they overheated. It wasn't so much the temperature, but the humidity.

This week has been long. It's. Only. Wednesday. Brent left Monday for Kansas City, suppose to be back Thursday but then he might have to go to Chicago on Friday. I'm not really sure at this point so I guess I will see him when I see him. And just so you know Brent, you get to take me out to dinner sometime soon. Very. Soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cross Country Time

The kids ran in their first official meet of the year. We traveled to Valley View, Texas. They had to be at the school at 6:00 AM, oy!!!!

Colton ran with the JV. JV boys got 2nd place. Colton was disqualified. A kid from another team was throwing elbows and bumping early on in the race. When they got behind some trees the kid kicked the feet out from under Colton's friend and made him fall. Long story short, Colton took up for his friend. Colton, the friend and the other kid were disqualified. Brent told him he was glad he took up for his friend but it better not happen again. So who knew cross country was a contact sport. Colton apologized to his coach and he wasn't mad thank goodness. From what I heard this happens especially when kids can't be seen by spectators. So I guess that Texas kid will think twice before he messes with Oklahoma boys (no offense if you are from Texas).

And then there's Hannah. She runs with the Junior High. Out of 119 kids, who are older mind you, she placed 23rd. I couldn't believe it. She did awesome. And what team won?

Madill did babbbby! Junior High boys also placed 1st. Varsity girls placed 4th. Varsity boys placed 2nd. JV girls only had 2 running so they didn't have a chance. Not to shabby I say :)