Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hannah ran this morning at a practice meet for cross country.

I wish I had their dedication.

Getting warmed up.

Getting ready to go.

And she's off.

Almost done.

And done. She ran with the Junior High girls and placed 18th out of 43. Her time was 7 minutes 45 seconds, 20 seconds faster than last week. Not to shabby for a little short girl :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Grow Up!

Did this LO of Hannah today using a sketch from Sketch This. Or at least that is where I think it's from :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Got to add pictures to some of the LOs I did at CKC Tulsa.

This LO was done in the 1 stamp set, 10 techniques class. I used a picture of Brent's sister Becky and her husband Larry. This is my favorite LO we did in the class.

This LO was from the Lastest and Greatest with Basic Grey class. This class is my favorite. I took it last year and the instructor, Shelby, always come up with the best LOs. I would have never ever picked out the bright yellow and I didn't like it at first but I starting liking it when I started putting it together. Definitely stepping out of the box with that color :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

CKC Tulsa

So for all of you non scrappy people CKC stands for Creating Keepsakes Convention. Brent and I headed up to Tulsa Friday morning after dropping the kids off at school.

Brent goes as my personal assisant/driver :) He really goes just to get away and eat out.

The vendor fair was bigger this year. Found lots of cute stuff.

Allison Davis taught two of the classes I had. She was really nice.

This instructor's name was Angie. She taught the SEI acrylic album class. Her parents own SEI. Thought that was pretty cool.

This is Liz Hicks. I first saw her on the CK message board and then started reading her blog. She works for Tattered Angels now. She was busy at the make and take table so I didn't have time to meet her.

My friend Kelly being silly with her adhensive gun. I met her on AMR message board and then met her in real life last year at CKC Tulsa. We had 2 classes together this year.

This is us at our last class together today.

Can't wait until next year :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Monday

We had a productive weekend. I got up and got to the grocery store & Walmart before it got really hot. Brent and the kids went in to help my dad cut shrubs at the now rent house. Their little faces were beet red when they got home. They rested and then we started putting primer on the fence. Oh my! I was so stinkin' tired but we didn't stop until we ran out of paint. Needless to say we still have lots of fence left. Brent wanted to get up Sunday and go to Lowe's for more primer; I told him please don't :) He listened. I think down deep he didn't want to paint either.

After lunch Sunday, the kids and I headed out to Ardmore. Hannah and I got our toes done up. We dropped off Colton at the movies, he didn't want his toes done up. Party pooper!

Today I'm catching up on my Project 365.

I haven't done any journaling since the first of June. I should be able to catch up in the next couple of days, knock on wood. I used the photo grudge mask from Jessica Sprague's class on the picture. I need to take more time with my pictures and use what I've learn from her.

Update on my Mom. She is still fighting the fight of her life. At her last appointment at the cancer center she found out the tumor hasn't shrunk anymore. They are stopping chemo for 2 weeks for her to try to gain some weight and gain strength. She has been beaten down for the past month. They wanted to put in a feeding tube but she told them to give her 2 weeks to gain weight on her own. She goes back a week from Thursday to see what the next step is. Maybe IV chemo treatments. I hate seeing my parents go thru this shit. And "shit" is what it is to put it lightly. So we take it one day at a time for now. What else do you do?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having Fun!!!

Got to work on LOs again. It's been nice getting back into a regular schedule. School is going good, but it is the first few days :)

Pictures from the Sandbass Festival. Journaling reads:

Hannah had so much fun this year. She was a little taller so she got to ride big rides!

Lifted from the Studio Calico Gallery

Brent and the kids on Father's Day 2009

Lifted from Triple The Sketch blog

Cousins hanging out one summer day.

I Scrapped! Woo. Hoo.

With the kids going back to school I get my quiet time back (when the boys lay down for naps) and scrap. So Wednesday I got this LO done:

It's a picture of Colton and his friend Gage testing the little 2 man bass boat Brent bought in June. So 2 months behind, not to bad :)

Back To School

The first day of school went well for both kids. Hannah likes her new teacher and Colton found all of his classes okay. So here's to a good school year!

I got the skunk eye from Colton when I told him to get outside for his "first day back to school" picture. I told him he could either do it here or I could follow him around the high school. He picked to do it here :)

I cut Hannah's bangs Tuesday night with a pair of crappy scissors. I got them a little short, LOL! Oh well, her hair grows fast.

They aren't babies anymore :(

I started a Zumba class Tuesday. I liked it a lot. She has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'm going to sign up today for 10 classes. It's only $40 bucks and the class lasts 1 hour. I laughed a lot during the first class. It's a lot of moves, well, to put it nicely, that hoochies do :) I said you have to find your inner stripper but now I think it's more like your inner hoochie. I'm just hoping there isn't a hidden camera.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation Day Nine (Coming Home)

July 25, 2009 ~ We got up pretty early because we had to drive Denver to fly home. We didn't want to get caught in rush hour traffic. When we were half way to Denver Brent realized that it was Saturday and we wouldn't hit any rush hour traffic. Oy! And I didn't think about it either so I couldn't give him a hard time about getting to the airport so stinkin' early. Oh well. I got to eat Chinese food for breakfast so there you go.

Killing time at the airport. Brent and Colton are playing gin rummy and Hannah is listening to her IPOD. Her ear was hurting. Ended up just being wax build up thank goodness.

Getting ready to board.

And a perfect way to end a vacation :) The SUV started cutting out about an hour from home. Luckily we made it to the dealership. My dad had to come over and pick us up. It ended up being the fuel pump and Brent had taken out an extended warranty when he bought the SUV so we only had to pay $50 thank you very much.

We had a really fun vacation. We did "things" but also did a lot of hanging out which made it really nice.

School started back today. Colton is a freshman and Hannah is in the 4th grade. I thought I was okay but after I dropped them off it hit me that Colton is in high school and his life flashed before me and the water works started. Boy oh boy time flies. Anywho, it's just Ben and I in the mornings now. Luke started 4 year old program. Needless to say the noise level has gone down tremendously :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Day Eight (Part 2)

July 24, 2009 ~ After touring the Olympic Training Center we had some time to kill before we went up Pike's Peak. We decided to drive thru the Garden of the Gods. We sat in the visitor's center to kill more time while the kids looked around the gift shop. Finally it was time to head over to Manitou Springs to take the Cog thingy up Pike's Peak.

This is the depot. Isn't it cute?

Love this picture.

Colton checking out the scenery.

Views going up the mountain.

All of us on top. It was 95 degrees at the bottom and when we got to the top it was 38 degrees. Crazy. It was really hard to breathe. Just walking got your heart going.

Views from top of summit.

There was still a little bit of snow left.

Are the way down we saw some elk. The conductor told us that this was the first time they have seen the elk this summer. Pretty cool!