Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Me!

This is a LO I need for a challenge at AMR. Journaling reads as follows:

Stacy Lyn ~ 12/26/69

I started out as back pain for my mom. She was told that she couldn't have babies so she and my dad started looking into adoption. They got a baby but meanwhile mom was having problems with her back. Went to the dr. and surprise! she was pregnant with me. So my sister was born in July, they got her in October & I was born in December.


Marfa said... two were really close, then! Do you still get along well?? I love my sisters!

Pamela said...

pretty LO...and what a crazy story!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Love the layout...and the story! I was adopted and I have adopted children. Found you while blog surfing and thought I would say hi!