Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of School 50s Blowout

Last Friday was the 5th grade end of school party. It was so much fun, minus Mom drama, to get this together. Just a few of us started decorating that morning because we knew there was no way we could start at 3:00 and get it done, plus get our girls ready, by 7:00. Thank goodness we did.

We blew up thousands, maybe not thousands but it felt like it, of balloons. I cut out circles on my cricut to make records to hang on the end of the ribbons. It was so cute when we left for a lunch break but when we got back, the records were pulling down the balloons so we ripped them off and just used them for other areas. The balloons still looked cute though. We tied balloons bunches on some cemeted cans they had at the gym to make a outline for the dance area. Then we lined the floor with white lights. So cute.

The "jukebox".

The food/drink tables. The food Mom's did such a great job on the tables. They served coke floats, rice crispie treats, pink lemonade and more.

One area of the gym was used for games. I loved the fortune teller. They also had pin the tail on the donkey, cupcake walk, potato sack races, hula hoops, limbo, face painting and I know there was more but can't remember. It was awesome.

Danny and Sandy showed up.

Sidenote: Part of the Mom drama was that some of us called this party a dance. They have called it a dance since they started doing this for the 5th grade. Whatever. But they had no problem having "Grease" plastered on the side of the wall. I love Grease but what had me scratching my head was that we couldn't call it a dance but no one seemed to mind that Rizzo thought she was pregnant after having premarital sex. Uhhhh ok!

Dad let us borrow his truck for pictures with the kids. The truck was a huge hit.

MeMe made Hannah's poodle skirt for her. It was so stinkin' cute.

Hannah and her buddy Bailey.

PaPa drove them to the gym.

I think the kids had a blast. It was totally worth all of the drama :)

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