Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cookie Bouquet

Not sure how the idea of cookie bouquets came up between me and my sister but it did. I made some to sell at the Relay For Life dance my sister put on tonight. They turned out really cute. This was the first time doing them so some cookies turned out better than others. The trick is not to roll out the dough to thin and to keep the dough cold, it makes it easier to handle. I used a new recipe for both the sugar cookies and icing. When I make cut out sugar cookies I usually use my Mom's recipe. I think the new one was easier to roll out, it wasn't as sticky (sorry Mom). The icing was butter and shortening with powder sugar. The jury is still out on the icing. Next time I do it I'll probably use my standard buttercream icing.

My sister thinks I need to start selling the bouquets. I would like to but not sure they will pay the price I would want. It took me some time to make those suckers :)

Until next time ~ Stacy

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