Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fun Family Weekend - part 3

This was our final day of fun and we spent it at the Fort Worth Zoo.

We had fun but it was so stinking hot. We got to see the baby elephant that was born a few weeks ago. Bryan said he thinks the OKC zoo is better, I haven't been there in years so we are planning on going up there in the fall. When it's much much much cooler. And I have to check the OU football schedule too before I plan our trip :)

After the zoo we said our goodbyes to Shae and headed home with a stop at Sanger, Texas. We have been wanting to take Bryan to eat at Babe's for years. They have the best fried chicken and Bryan likes fried chicken. Everybody loved the food.

Everybody headed to their homes after Babe's. We had such a good time. We don't live that far from them but its hard getting together to do stuff with everybody so busy. We are going to do better at just making the time. Life is too short!!!

Until next time ~ Stacy

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