Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baseball Season

Colton starts playing ball next week. He has 3 games the first week and Brent will be in Kansas City so I get to play single mom. So here is to all of the single moms (or dads) out there who have to do it by themselves all of the time. My hat goes off to you.

Bryan and Traci let us in on a great sitcom that has been on for a few years. We just never started watching it. They sent us the first and second seasons of The Office on DVD. The first episode, Michael Scott just made me really nervous but I stuck with it and OMG I'm so glad I did. I love all of the characters. We have decided Brent relates to Angela the most (sorry honey). Dwight is my favorite. After we got back from Vegas, we met up with Lloyd and Darlene to get season 3. We are catching up with season 4 on the internet and now with reruns playing on tv. Can't wait until they come back in April with new episodes.

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