Monday, February 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins

6 days until Brent and I leave for Vegas. I can't wait. I haven't been in about 5 years so I'm looking so forward to getting away. MeMe (thank you by the way) is coming down to stay with the kids.

Basketball is finally over, thank you very much. Now baseball but games don't start until March. I like to watch Colton play baseball. I love being outside and the beginning signs of spring. I'm not sure if Hannah will play softball this year. She was bored last year. She is ready to run. Don't know where she gets that :).

Speaking of spring, I can't wait. I'm ready to see our new trees bloom out. I'm ready for rain so that our ponds will get water in them. I'm ready for green. I'm ready to plant flowers.

I got some things done yesterday that I wanted to get done. I cut out HENRY EST 1992with my Cricut and put it up in the living room. I hung up things I made for the house. I need to get some pictures or something to hang upstairs in the hallway. The walls look bare. Need to keep an eye out on Hobby Lobby when they put their home decor on sale.

1 comment :

Stephanie said...

show us photos of your wall words! What vinyl did you use????? You can't just leave us hanging with no photo:)