Friday, July 25, 2008

Hot Springs 2008

My wonderful husband left with the kids last Sunday to Hot Springs, Arkansas. MeMe and PaPa have a timeshare at Sunbay Resort and they invited us to come and stay a few days. I didn't go because I had to watch my nephews. I felt bad for not going but it was nice having the evenings to myself not waiting on anybody. Here are some pictures MeMe took. (Thanks MeMe!)

PaPa & Hannah

Colton & Hannah


Colton, Hannah & Brent





Lori said...

You have darling children!

The Pink Potpourri said...

cute pictures! those kids are so precious.looks like everyone had a great time!

Leeza898 said...

Glad your family had a great vacation. Hannah is so pretty.


Chrispea said...

I agree, cute kids! Too bad you didn't get to go, but I know what you mean, it's nice to have the house to yourself once in a while.

Elizabeth said...

Aww.. too bad you didn't go. Enjoy your alone time in the evenings.

BTW...those are come cute kids!!

Ericka said...

stoppin by to say HI!!! :)come say hi to me!!