Monday, August 4, 2008

The Weekend

So Friday afternoon we headed North to Brent's parents. They live about 1 1/2 hours away from us. Our niece, Ally, had surgery that day so we wanted to go up and make sure everybody was okay. Ally was in ICU a little longer than anticipated so we didn't go to the hospital. We wanted her to get her rest and her dad kept us updated. Here is a couple of pics of Brent and his family.

So starting in the back is Bryan (Brent's brother and Ally's dad). He came home for a good night's sleep and to teach Sunday school. He was just getting ready to leave for the hospital to give Traci (Bryan's wife and Ally's mom) a break. Next to Bryan is my Brent (cute ain't he). In the front is Brent's sister Becky. She lives in Seabrook, Texas and I text messaged her earlier to see if she knew a tropical storm was heading her way. They were almost home & is probably now battening down the hatches as I type (stay safe). Next to Becky is Brent's mom Darlene. She is very crafty. She sews, paints and I could go on & on. Next to her is Brent's dad Lloyd. Lloyd is a farmer & I'm worn out after hearing what all he does & in 100+ heat too. (Look Lloyd, I fixed your shirt.)

The Kids

Saturday morning I hear that Lloyd & Brent were going to go feed. Well I couldn't turn down a photo opportunity with my new camera (thanks honey) so I asked if I could tag along. I wanted to channel The Pioneer Woman
& take some pictures of the cows.

Hey Lloyd where you going? I guess he didn't know that I hadn't gotten out my camera yet. What was he thinking?

Oh you were getting some hay. Lord your fast. I was listening to Brent tell me a story about a fort. I will stay on my toes for now on.

Can I drive? Well can I stand on the back so I can give out the hay? Oh you want me inside the cab sitting in the middle. Fine!!!

Lloyd what is that shiny, orange thing? I think he pooted & I captured it on film um I mean pixels.

Here we are calling the cows. Never mind the bug guts on the windshield, remember I wasn't allowed to drive or stand on the back so this is the best I could do.

Didn't realize you could call cows but now I know.

Oh, they are getting closer. I guess we have something they like.

They couldn't wait, I guess the girls were hungry.

Lloyd, who is this lady hanging out of your truck?

And then I heard a ruckus across the road. When I turned to see what was up I saw this........

Glad those boys know how to build strong fences because the way they were moving I thought we were going to have a throw down over some hay. The crying and bawling was almost to much to handle.

If they would let me drive I would come over and give you some but Lloyd gave it all away. Don't feel to bad for the cows because I heard they had plenty to eat.

So off we go to check on a well to make sure it was still pumping water for the cows at another spot. Along the way we spotted 2 bulls trying to act all manly. I guess they were trying to "claim their territory". And let me tell you, neither one of them was going to give up. They were still at it when Lloyd and Darlene went to church. Silly boys.

Forgive me for the crappy picture. I was still in the middle but I knew with my awesome new camera (thanks honey) I could zoom in on the picture and fix it. Well I started zooming in and lord is that what I think it is? Yes it was. The bull on the left had a little something something hanging down. I was to busy watching them fight to notice. I'm not that good with photoshop yet! My brother-in-law Larry wanted me to really zoom in on it and have a "guess what this is" contest. Silly boy!

More from the farm tomorrow!


angie worthington said...

stacy, this is great!!!...i had to lol about the "orange fog"...a big ole poot, hehehehe.....i grew up on a farm, so i really enjoyed this post!...

PattiM said...

LOL... I wrote a long comment about spending time on the farm in Wisconson when I was younger and my signal went too low and lost it.. Hate when that happens.... We stayed on a farm during our drag racing days in the70's. My bro mooed the cow's in from the field... He was sitting in front of the fenced garden and started eating the vegetables.... Kinda scared him... LOL He's no bull but he's full of it.....
We loaded the hay bales on the flatbed and stacked them... Favorite time riding horses bare back....

ANyhow, wanted to tell you that your hubby is a hottie......... Oh, and I haven't started on my inches yet either. Still have to do the non square ones too.... YIKES!


(Pattie's passion)
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Marilyn said...

That is funny you mentioned calling cows!! When I was very little, my grandparents had cows, I was devastated when they "disappeared", and again when I learned where beef came from! Grandpa used to take us out to the field and "call the cows", we thought Grandpa had special powers or something! Little did we know that they were just hungry! lol I love it, thanks for sharing!