Thursday, September 25, 2008

Running (Again)

Sorry but more pictures of Hannah running. The many small pleasures of being a mom is bragging on your kids so just bare with me :). Hannah ran Tuesday at Madill's fundraising meet. She finish 3rd (age group 3rd & 4th graders) & her time for 1 mile was 8 minutes. This course was hilly and in her PaPa's words probably the hardest courses she will run this year. Go Hannah!!!

In scrappy news I have so many little projects I need to get started on it's not even funny. I keep telling myself I will have time but it is already the end of September ~ can I get a holy crap? Holy Crap! And thanks to this PLACE I can go scrappy shopping Saturday to help me get started on all of those little projects, yay!

And don't forget, The Office starts tonight, woohoo!!!


Leeza898 said...


Congrats Hannah!!! What a great job!!!

You must be so proud Stacy.


Mary Lou said...

Great job, HANNAH!!!! Nice to see you doing so well!!

Stephanie said...

sending a "great job" to Hannah! Girls really do rock!

Stephanie said...

Stacy, got it, you made my day, thanks great gal;)