Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today was Brent's birthday. He wanted to go to Sanger, TX to eat at Babe's.

If you are ever in North Texas, do yourself a favor and go eat at Babe's. There are several locations to pick from. They also have a steak place that's suppose to be really good but we haven't made it there. Yet :)

Cute right? Painted tractor seats.

We got there about 20 minutes before they opened. This place fills up fast, and usually has a long wait so Brent opened up his gifts while we waited.

He showed me this grinder a few weeks ago. I kept the flyer so I would get the right thing. He forgot that he showed it to me so he was surprised. Yesssss!

I knew Hannah had made some cards for her Dad but this one she took to school so her classmates could sign it too. She makes my heart full.

Hannah wanted her picture taken sitting on the tractor out front.

The birthday boy and the chicken.

Hannah let the waitress know really fast that it was Brent's birthday because she knew they make the birthday people put on a chicken hat. Brent started gobbling. It's not a turkey honey.

And nothing ends a wonderful birthday dinner more than a birthday biscuit.

Happy Birthday Brent. I love you more and more each day.

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