Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello There

My poor blog. I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't done anything crafty in such a long time so nothing to show for that & we really haven't done anything. I did start working the concession stand again last night. Hate the work but like the extra money especially with the holidays and all of the birthdays we have coming up. We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. I'm really looking forward to hosting & have been making my lists already. So I will leave you with some pictures of nephew Ben I took last week while it was still nice out.

I can hardly get a picture of him without squinty eyes. He is saying cheese and puts everything into it including his face.

He is running towards the barn to get on the Ranger.

Had a little spill.

I'm okay!

Little Mr. Independent.

Squints Palledorous (name that movie)

Ben & CyCy. Trying to take a picture of myself & a short kid is hard thus me being sideways :)

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