Monday, January 18, 2010


Love the contrast of the pretty tulips and the dry grass. I'm ready for Spring and green grass. Our temperatures will be tempting us this week; 60s all week long. A far cry from what we were since the last time I updated.

Our lives have been the same old same old. Work, school ~ yada yada yada. I have lots of crafty things I want to work on but just can't get motivated. I'm trying to finish up my project 365 album. I've got all of the pictures in the album and I've started catching up on journaling; haven't done any since August and reliving Mom's downhill turn and death has been depressing.

I've got a new hair color ~ RED! It is growing on me. It's really just a lot of red highlights. The next time I'm done up I will post a picture.

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