Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010! So Far So Good (knock on wood)

Happy New Year!!!!! We celebrated with friends playing dominoes. Can't believe I actually stayed up after midnight so yea!

So I celebrated my 40th birthday on 12/26. 40. Wow. Brent had planned an awesome surprise but the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009 put a damper on that real fast. He had planned a surprise party at a pizza joint with my family & his family. Then he had a "ticket" for a roadtrip to Kansas City; my dad was going to be our driver. I've always wanted to go up during the holidays to see the Christmas lights. He had to tell me the night before because he didn't want my family to drive up; the interstate was horrible. Quick change of plans; we ate with his family, left the kids with MeMe and PaPa and headed back home to regroup. We planned on going to Bossier. My dad cooked steaks out for all of us for my birthday so 2 celebrations. Yea again! Our niece and her husband came down to stay at our house so it was fun having them there too.

We got up the next morning, got packed and headed to Dad's to pick him up. The night before we were trying to find rooms in Bossier and couldn't find anything. We thought once we got there, we could find something. We got to the stoplight and decided to go to Tulsa instead. So thus began "The Jimmy Ward Casino Tour".

Things didn't work out like Brent originally planned but him just planning all that he did meant a lot to me. I was impressed to say the least. We had just as much fun. So thanks Brent Henry for a great 40th birthday. Love you!!!!

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