Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cowboy Baby Shower

Finally pictures of the baby shower we had for Martha. The theme was used all because of a boot glass that was used from a baby shower I helped with a couple of years ago & of course I forgot to take a picture of them, but I promise they were cute.

I got the men to stack bales of hay for me. We put a saddle on top to go with our theme. My BIL, Bryan, also found some rope & wagon wheels.

I made the cupcake tower/holder by covering boxes with brown craft material. I bought the material, on sale mind you, at Hobby Lobby cutting strips & then putting jute around the whole thing. I made the tag out of sandpaper using a diecut & then adding stickers. I loved this thing, so cute!!! Forgot to get a picture of the entire table with all of the goodies on it too. I found paper bandana bowls at Hobby Lobby that were very good as far as quality. They had a great "cowboy" section in their party section. I found bandana printed napkins at a party supply place but Hobby Lobby also had some too. I used my blue speckled enamelware roaster for the punch bowl and used a old white enamel water dipper that belonged to a great grandma or great aunt, not sure which.

And of course tissue pom poms. I wanted to stagger them more but the way we had to have the table, people would have walked into them. Oh well!

And the guest of honor, Martha.

And the other guest of honor, Aiden, who slept through the entire thing :)

I'm so glad for this picture, 5 generations.

Cousin Jenny with Martha. She drove in from Arkansas to surprise Martha.

Martha with her Great Grandmother.

This is what we gave to guests when they left. I made cracker jacks. I used brown lunch sacks to hold them, printed out the recipe & attached it with a clothespin covered with patterned paper. I added a little rhinestone to the clothespin too.

We played a couple of games. I gave each guest a clothespin & if they heard someone else say "baby" they could take away their clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the opening of the gifts won a prize. We also melted different candy bars in 5 different diapers to make it look like poop. They had to guess what type of candy bar was in each diaper. Sick game but funny!

We had a fantastic time & I was so glad that we got to do this for the new Momma and her sweet baby boy!!!!

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