Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We are still alive and well. Just enjoying summer and counting down until school starts again. We have 4 weeks to be exact, not that I'm ready or anything :)

Hannah had swimmer's ear in both ears 2 weeks ago and I had Colton in the Dr's on Monday with a really yucky ear infection. This new swimming pool has cost us an arm and a leg in Dr's visits/medicine.

I've been getting things together for our niece's baby shower this Saturday. I've got everything ready to go, I think, and will work on food prep on Friday. I will show pictures of the things I made/did on Sunday. Don't want Martha to see just yet.

My Dad had his knee replacement done yesterday. He is doing great. He has already been walking down the hall this morning. Haven't heard how group therapy went but I'm sure he did fantastic. He'll be coming home Friday afternoon. I know he is just glad to have it over with.

Cross country starts in the morning. Early. At least we will be in the habit of getting up early when school starts. Both kids are going to run this year.

So I guess that is all that is going on. Exciting right?

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