Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've been really neglecting my blog. Need to do better. We are in the full swing of back of school, cross country, cheer & a thousand of other things thrown in for fun. And I use the term "fun" loosely because it consists of me driving, picking up, dropping off and waiting on kids.

Last Saturday was Hannah's first football game.

She also ran that morning in Ardmore and thankfully we were only about 30 minutes away from the football game and we have the 2nd game this year. I didn't get to see Colton run but Brent represented so there you go. The only thing I forgot was to grab the "easy" camera for Brent to take so he could take pictures of Colton. I hope he doesn't feel neglected the poor thing. Momma will get her head out of her butt next week son.

Oh yeah, it was hot Saturday. Like so hot by the time it was time for the 6th grade to play it was Africa hot. A cheerleader fainted and had to be taken to the hospital and I was told several football players had to strip off jerseys/pads because they overheated. It wasn't so much the temperature, but the humidity.

This week has been long. It's. Only. Wednesday. Brent left Monday for Kansas City, suppose to be back Thursday but then he might have to go to Chicago on Friday. I'm not really sure at this point so I guess I will see him when I see him. And just so you know Brent, you get to take me out to dinner sometime soon. Very. Soon.

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