Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cross Country Time

The kids ran in their first official meet of the year. We traveled to Valley View, Texas. They had to be at the school at 6:00 AM, oy!!!!

Colton ran with the JV. JV boys got 2nd place. Colton was disqualified. A kid from another team was throwing elbows and bumping early on in the race. When they got behind some trees the kid kicked the feet out from under Colton's friend and made him fall. Long story short, Colton took up for his friend. Colton, the friend and the other kid were disqualified. Brent told him he was glad he took up for his friend but it better not happen again. So who knew cross country was a contact sport. Colton apologized to his coach and he wasn't mad thank goodness. From what I heard this happens especially when kids can't be seen by spectators. So I guess that Texas kid will think twice before he messes with Oklahoma boys (no offense if you are from Texas).

And then there's Hannah. She runs with the Junior High. Out of 119 kids, who are older mind you, she placed 23rd. I couldn't believe it. She did awesome. And what team won?

Madill did babbbby! Junior High boys also placed 1st. Varsity girls placed 4th. Varsity boys placed 2nd. JV girls only had 2 running so they didn't have a chance. Not to shabby I say :)

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