Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oklahoma Blizzard 2011 and the town shuts down

It doesn't look that bad but underneath the snow is a bunch of ice. It started coming in late Monday starting with rain, then freezing rain, then sleet and then snow. And yes, it was a blizzard. School was canceled early in the evening on Monday and we have been closed since. I don't see us going on Friday either because temperatures aren't supppose to be above freezing. The news from the street, and by the street I mean Facebook, is that several businesses were even closed. So we have been enjoying this

a lot. And she

is really bored. And he

has been hanging out with us. And he

would be happy if we never had school again. (He was NOT cooking during this picture. He only wanted to act like he was cooking.) And she

doesn't know how close she came to being an outside dog on Tuesday. And he

doesn't seem bothered about any of this mess. And I

have been in my jammies since I got home from work Monday night.

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