Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Connections and it is really a small world after all.

I was thinking about all of the connections I, our little town/county has with some well known people. Marshall County, the county I live in, is the smallest county in Oklahoma. The entire county has 5 stoplights. Just 5. And we went up to five from two just in the past few years. It's small y'all.

Anyway, I told you about the Paul Ryan connection but we have more.

A girl who grew up in Madill but later moved to a town about 30 miles away is married to one of the creators of Jackass and he directed the Jackass movies. She has a fun blog to read. This week she is writing about how she met her husband, their love story. I graduated with her older sister. We were drum majors together our Junior and Senior years in High School and we also ran around together. There was a group of us.

In that same group of girls was another friend, Nicki. We cheered together and also graduated the same year. Her little brothers are the "cowboys" from The Amazing Race. The boys were still little when we graduated and they later moved to a town about an hour away. Nicki and I still keep in touch through Facebook and cards at Christmas. Both Nicki and her Mom, Janet, are professional photographers. Janet came down this past fall and did a shoot with my sister and her family. The photos are gorgeous. Can't wait until the new season of The Amazing Race starts up, they get to race again. We are rooting for them to come in first this time.

I really don't "know" this connection but he, Greg Upchurch, went to our rival school Kingston. He was in their school band when I was in our school band. I remember him from being in the band but that's really it. Anyway, he went on to help form the band Puddle of Mudd and currently plays the drums for 3 Doors Down.

They aren't from my hometown but Brent's sister, Becky, and her husband are good friends with Chris Boniol and his wife. He kicked for the Dallas Cowboys and now is a kicking coach for them. They met each other when the Boniols were living in the same town as Becky. Colton has an autographed card from him.

So there you go. That's all that I know of. I think it's really neat to have those connections. Like I said, it's a small world after all :) Do you have any neat connections?

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