Monday, April 11, 2011

Why a 41 y/o out of shape Mom of 2 shouldn't play softball

Last week when I told the coach to Hannah's softball team I would play on the parents' team in a scrimmage against the girls I guess I thought I was young, skinny and in shape. NOT!

My first time up to bat I got hit by a pitch. By a 10 year old girl. Who can pitch. Fast. With zip. I blew it off joking around and took my base. But I wanted to roll on the ground and cry. Oh mmmmm geeeee it hurt. My left arm was numb. It left stitch marks.

As I was standing on base I thought how in the hell am I going to finish playing this game. Next time at bat I was a little gun shine. Some how I pulled my groin jumping out of the way of a crazy pitch. Oy vey!

I survived. Barely. I even have a bruise in the palm of my hand from playing catch.

I have a new respect for these girls who play ball. I will never again say "get up, your okay" to Hannah if/when she gets hit by a ball.

My arm still hurts but the feeling is coming back. Slowly :)

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