Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hannah was asked to be on the SWAT team from the karate school she goes to. They do demonstrations at basketball games, etc. She was excited about getting to be on the team. They have been practicing since fall & finally got to perform last month for the our schools.

This group consist of different ages.

Hannah was getting a little nervous here :) They performed 2 times at the elementary school so she had time to calm herself down before performing before her peers at the middle school. The little ones loved them.

Jerry really liked them too. His aid brought him to both performances because she said he just laughed and smiled throughout the whole thing :)

They survived performing in front of the middle school, yea!!!!

Their last performance was for the high school, including her brother & he was impressed.

They have performed at a couple of basketball games & that's it so far. They will probably get busy again when festival season gets started in the area. We love our festivals here in the South :)

When I get a good video of them performing I will post it. I had one, but the boy who does the nunchucks hit himself in the eye & it was a little too bloody. He was okay. A little super glue fixed it right up.

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