Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now I Have A Reason To Buy The Mr. Campy Line

For the past several years Brent and my Dad will take the kids camping during fall break or Thanksgiving break. I will usually go out one night to eat but that is it. I have to have a potty. Yes, the campground has a potty but, well I'm not even going to go there.

For a girl, our girl likes to camp, but she gets bored fast. She called me Friday wanting me to go get a friend of hers and bring her to the lake. I didn't. But she found someone to play with so dad and PaPa got a little bit of quiet.

I have so many pictures of Colton in this tree thru the years. It is the perfect tree for climbing. He wanted to sleep up there by duct taping his arms to the limb so he wouldn't fall. His dad told him that the Department of Human Services would probably frown upon that.

This is Brent. I'm so glad he does this with the kids. And it gives me 2 days to the house by myself. I should be much nicer to him.

And this is my dad AKA PaPa. He has this camping thing down to a fine art. My mom has him organized with plastic containers that has all of the camping gear in it so all they have to do is load it up and go.

This is nephew Ben. He is discovering the art of a s'more minus the hot marshmallow. He likes the chocolate the best.

This is sister Shelly and her son, my nephew Luke. Her birthday was actually Wednesday but we waited until Thursday to have her party because she wanted a weiner roast. So we killed 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

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laverneboese said...

Heehee, I'm with Ben...the best part of the s'more is the CHOCOLATE!!! Love the photos!