Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've read several blogs that listed random things about themselves and thought it was cool. So here are mine:

1. Politics was boring to me until the first presidential election I actually got to vote in. I voted for Ross Perot. That makes me laugh.
2. I have never voted Republican.
3. I can't stand Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'Reilly. It isn't that they have totally different political views, I just think they are bullies.
4. I think Michael Moore is brilliant. Go rent Sicko if you haven't seen it yet.
5. I can watch most chick flicks over and over and over and over again.
6. I wanted to name Colton "Tristan" from the movie Legends of the Fall. Brent wouldn't let me :)
7. I have a rose tattoo on my ankle & the only reason it is there is because Brent didn't want me to get one. (Don't ever tell me NOT to do something to my own body, ha!)

Man this is harder than I thought. I started this on 2/10/09 and now it's 2/15/09.

8. When I was little I "ran away from home" because my parents/sisters told me I never would. (Can you see a pattern?)
9. I played the piano when I was younger and now I only can do chopsticks. That is really sad to me.
10. I knew in my heart that Colton was a boy and Hannah was a girl when I was pregnant with them.
11. I cry at sappy commercials. The jewelry commercials during the holidays really get me going.
12. My first pet I can remember was a dog named Dandy Don after the Dallas Cowboy's player "Dandy" Don Meredith. We always said Dandy Don too, not Dandy or Don.
13. I can remember my first OU football game a long, long time ago. Our seats were so high up that when me and my sisters started going down to our seats we sat on our bottoms because the stairs were so steep.
14. I know so many quotes from Seinfeld it's scary. (Serenity now is my favorite.)
15. My great grandfather, on my mom's side, came to the US from Italy when he was a little boy. No wonder I love pasta so much.
16. I want to travel when the kids are grown.
17. I am somehow related to "Geronimo" the prominent Native American leader of the Chiricahua Apache who fought against Mexico and the United States and their expansion into Apache tribal lands for several decades.
18. My dad was my 7th grade math teacher. Can you say awwwwwkward!
19. I never knew my Grandpa Ward (my dad's dad). He died before I was born.
20. My older sister is only 5 months older than me. She was born in July '69, my parents adopted and got her in October '69, and I was born in December '69.
21. My mom is an only child so I have no aunts,uncles or cousins on that side of my family; only greats and second/third/fourth cousins.
22. I live in the smallest county in Oklahoma.
23. No offense to anyone but I hate that my birthday is the day after Christmas.
24. I can't ride big roller coasters or things that go round and round. I will throw up on you.
25. I love bra less weekends :)

So there you go. Just a few things about me. Exciting ain't it?

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Leeza898 said...

I really like this Stacy. Thanks for sharing some of YOU to us here in the blog land. Very interesting getting to know you a bit.