Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mother/Daughter Day 2/8/09

Sunday Brent told me to be ready at 3 & he would take me out to dinner since I will be working all day long on Valentine's Day. So we were trying to decide where/what to do and I told him how about for your valentine's gift Hannah & I will go shopping and you won't have to go :). Well he jumped on that like a monkey on a cupcake. Although I do appreciate the thought. We ate at Cracker Barrel, walked around the mall where Hannah got to spend time in Claire's (I just read an article about businesses that would need a good 2009 or they probably wouldn't make it and Claire's was listed; I haven't told Hannah, she will be devastated.), checked out Target, BB&B & made a side trip to a scrapbooking store on the way home. We had a fun day. This is a LO I did of the picture we took before leaving for our day.

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Chrispea said...

That's an adorable layout. I might have to steal the mother/daughter idea! Yep, my DD will be sad about Claires... it's her first stop when we go to the mall!