Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Can Feel It!!!

The beginnings of fall weather. The last few days the weather has been so nice. Low humidity, cooler temps.....it's such a welcome change. But knowing Oklahoma, we will have another 100 day before it's all said and done :)

We haven't really been able to use our little cowboy grill much because even after the sun went down, the temperature was miserable. So since it has been nice in the evenings, Brent went and bought the makings for s'mores.

Brent getting the fire going.

Hannah trying to resist eating the marshmallows before roasting.

And we're roasting.

He too is enjoying the cooler weather. And waiting for someone to toss him a marshmallow.

Brent offered to make me one but I told him no thanks I have my own way of roasting my marshmallow. It's an art form.

And she too has her way of doing a s'more; no graham, just chocolate and marshmallow. She's just a little bit like her momma :)

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