Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Saturday

I thought weekends are for rest and relaxation. Not around here. Hannah had to run in a Cross Country meet this morning and cheer. Thank goodness the meet and the game were in Madill :)

First on the list was running.

Getting ready to run.

Here I was just hoping she wouldn't slip and fall. It has been raining here for days so the course was a little wet to say the least.

She placed 45th out of, well, I don't know :) PaPa said she ran good so that's all that matters. She runs Tuesday with her age group. She was supposed to run last week but it was rained out. Hopefully with her running with the older girls it will help her when she runs against girls her own age.

Next up, cheering.

She was just glad she made it time to do her "stunt". Her words, not mine :)

Being cute.

4th grade Cheercats!!!!

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Jingle said...

Wow! That's a lot for one day! LOL! Cute photos, though!