Friday, September 11, 2009

Our New Normal

What a week. Mom passed away from liver cancer last Saturday. She wanted to fight so hard but her body just wouldn't let her. We lost my Grandma May 13th of this year, buried her on a Saturday and then the following Friday we had Mom in ICU at Ardmore after she began throwing up blood, ended up having to get blood..... I remember between the "five" days just ready to get back to normal after Grandma died. Then Mom was diagnosed with cancer. A close family friend told me that this is our new normal. I hated our new normal. I was just pissed off. And frustrated. We would have good news, then the next time bad news. Then good news, then bad news. It was a wild ride to say the least.

So after the funeral my friend and I were sitting on the couch just watching people go by fixing their plates and just catching our breaths. She asked if I remembered her telling me about Mom's illness being our new normal and I said yes. And she said well, this is your new normal. This new normal sucks. No more new normals for me will be much appreciated. 2009 has been a really shitty year.

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Tony said...

2009 seems to of sucked for a lot of people =(

Don't worry... it'll get easier.. time heals all wounds.