Friday, December 18, 2009

Under Attack??? Well, Maybe Not :)

Thursday afternoon I heard an airplane flying. We have planes & helicopters fly over so I didn't really think anything of it until it was really really really loud. I went outside & saw this......

I ran in & grabbed the camera. It was so stinking low that I thought it was making an emergency landing. But.......

it started circling our property. I could read US Air Force on the side, that's how close it was to the house.

And it kept circling. I got freaked out & ran back inside to call Brent. I told him I was going to post the pictures on Facebook so he could see how close it was.

Finally it went on it's merry little way. Thanks to Facebook I found out what the deal was. The pilot is from my hometown. He got permission to fly over the town/county because it was the last time he was going to fly that particular aircraft. It was a shout out to his Mom and his hometown. His dad lives up the road from us so that's why he was over our way. I went to school with him & my younger sister, Shelly, graduated with him. Glad to know it wasn't a sneak attack :)

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