Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

We survived our first Christmas without Mom and Grandma. We did everything we usually do for Christmas; traditions at their finest.

We made and decorated sugar cookies. The girls did a fabulous job. We made our normal delivery to the Spiveys. We knew Mom would get us if Donna didn't have sugar cookies for Christmas :)

The kids manning their positions to open presents. I think the funniest thing was Ben opening. Everytime he would say "what is it" over and over again until he got it opened.

Uncle Brent and Luke

Shelly and Ben

Santa Jack ~ inside family joke :)

Me after opening my heart.

Dad got Luke and Ben train sets for Christmas. They LOVED them.

We finally made it home thru the blizzard and opened gifts at our house. The kids had a very very very nice Christmas. We all did :)

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