Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Did hell freeze over? It must have because I actually scrapbooked today. Woo hoo!!! I haven't done anything all Summer. One reason is the kids are upstairs and I can't concentrate and the bigger reason is because it is H.O.T. upstairs during the summer. Their living room, which also has my scrapbook stuff, is located over the there you go.

We had a cold front come thru last night which brought much cooler temperatures and lower humidity. A little taste of Fall. Yea!!!! I actually turned off the air and opened windows. Another yea!!! So thus me going up to get crafty.

These pictures were taken almost a year ago so yeah, I'm a little bit behind.

This picture was taken during our trip to Tulsa last year for CKC. CKC this year was last weekend and I cancelled because, well, a bunch of different little reasons. I missed getting away but there is always next year.

So hopefully this will jump start me into getting back in the swing of things and get caught up again. Well get 2009 caught up :)

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