Monday, October 18, 2010

Jimmy Ward's 1st Annual Cookout

My Dad had a cookout at our place this past Saturday. We probably had around 60 people out at one time or another. We had a blast.

He even got a band. Introducing the Fat Bastards.

Yes you read that right, Fat Bastards. Back in the day there was a little local band called Mesa Ridge. These guys are 3 of the original members that still play a little here and there. They played a lot of their old songs, it brought back so many fun memories of going out dancing with friends. A lot of those friends were at the party and it was fun laughing and reminiscing. A little trivia for ya, the guy on the left was our contractor when we built our new house.

There was lots and lots of dancing. Dad goes to a couple of different places to dance and he has met some new people. They are a hoot.

And the surprise guest.

Michael Jackson? I have known this woman as long as I can remember. She danced to Beat It and it was hysterical.

Even the little ones had a ball.

So glad everyone had a good time. They think Dad needs to do this twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring. He probably will knowing him.

For some non-party news, Colton had to run Saturday and ran his best 5k (19 minutes). He now will get to be an alternate on the varsity team this Saturday at regionals. We are beyond proud of him.

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