Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our town had trick or treating last night. Today has been lazy. Watched a little Rocky Horror and Halloween today. After lunch Brent and I played Boggle and Yahtzee with Hannah.

So Saturday everyone was spread out across the state. Colton was in Edmond, OK at the State Cross Country Meet. Brent and my Dad went to watch. They didn't do very well, I felt bad for the kids. Hannah had her last game to cheer then I dropped her off at my sister's house so she could play with her boys. So I had the afternoon home alone, yea!!!!!

We had "Halloween" at my Dad's house like always. He had a costume party to go to and he found the perfect costume.

He started growing out the beard a few weeks ago, it has been driving him crazy. I haven't talked to him today to see how the party/costume went.

Colton borrowed Luke's plastic hair and helped pass out candy.

And the rest of the crew. Luke was a Transformer, Ben a coach and Hannah was a creepy skeleton thing monster, I'm not really sure.

We had a fun Halloween. Now on to Thanksgiving :)

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