Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A few years ago I started following a scrapbook message board & got to meet some amazing women. I know it sounds crazy, but I consider them my friends. I refer to them as my "scrapbooking friends" if I talk about them to Brent.

This particular MB was having some problems so I started going to a different MB that a lady started as an outlet for her online store. There wasn't as many members, which I liked, & that is where I stayed to share my love for scrapbooking.

So when you start on the MBs, you also get involved with people's blogs, family, etc. Though most of us haven't met in real life, we just have this connection.

One lady I felt close with was Chris (Chrispea was her MB id). She has kids the same age of my kids, we got married around the same time...... And girlfriend had mad scrapbooking skills. About 2 years ago she found out she had breast cancer. She always stayed positive & knew she was going to beat it, & she did. But about a month ago the cancer showed up in her brain. Even with this diagnosis, she was positive she was going to be okay.

I got on facebook Sunday morning & found out she lost her battle. I was just sick. All I could think about was her kids & her husband. Heartbreaking.

I'm glad I got to know her, even if it was thru the computer.

Cancer sucks!!!

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