Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Are Melting

I'm so over this hot, dry Oklahoma weather. It was 114 yesterday. 114. The swimming pool isn't even refreshing, it's like a giant bath tub of warm water. Come on September. My Mom always said September always sounded cooler to her, ber = brrrrrrr.

The kids have started cross country. They are running twice a day now. I hate it for them. They start back to school on the 17th. Not sure if they are ready but Momma is :)

I forgot about me wanting to post pictures I have of the kids when they were younger. Looked through them again this morning so I'm going to be sharing more of them.

The kids' cousins were at my house for some reason. Can't remember, it was 2004 :)

Anna looks scared to death & Hannah looks like she is plotting something evil.

I laughed when I saw this picture of Colton playing his video game. I guess we should've stepped in back then.

I can't believe how young they look. Times does fly by quickly.

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