Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy March (a little late)

Life as I know it will end today for at least 6 weeks. Baseball starts today with 3 games already scheduled for the week. The lawn chairs have been moved to their spot in the back of my SUV. I need to find the blankets that don't gather 1/2 of the dry grass in the area. I need to pack a little snack bag, saves me lots of $$$ not going to the concession stand. Went to look for Colton's long sleeve under armour shirt & found his baseball jacket in his closet. Where is that boys head. And I didn't find the under armour but every piece of clothing I found in his closet not hanging up was thrown in the middle of his bedroom floor. I'm going to make him pay me money for every piece of clothing I find on the floor then maybe he will start hanging things up. You think? I can hope can't I?

Our poor Max went thru some barbed wire he didn't see this morning & sliced his ear and a little spot on the back of his neck/head pretty good. After I got back to the house I tried to clean it up but he went into his dog house. Then later when I was cleaning up the blood off the back porch he wasn't around. After the boys went down for naps, I went out looking for him and he was over at the barn. He will come up to me but every time I try to look at his ear he goes off where I can't get to him. His ear was still dripping blood. Hopefully it will be okay!

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