Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini Break

We are enjoying our time here with family. We went to the HS boys game last night. They were getting beat pretty bad but finally quit playing like a bunch of monkeys & only lost by 4. The game lasted so long. I know we threw 4 boys & I think the other team threw 3 or 4.

Today Becky & I went shopping and had lunch. Brent stayed home with the kids & they swam pretty much all day long. When we got back the kids wanted to go over Kemah & walk around. It was really crowded & lines for rides were really long.

We ordered pizzas for supper & just hung around the house this evening watching basketball.

Hannah with Aunt Becky

Watching the ballgame

Colton & Shae

Gage, Colton, Hannah & Shae

Colton playing a game on the boardwalk

This is what the sunrise looked like when we were leaving for our trip. Brent even stopped on the side of the highway so I could get this picture.

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