Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break ~ it's official

Spring break? Weren't we just on Christmas break? Goodness gracious! Anywho, we aren't heading down south until Wednesday morning so I've been catching up laundry. Colton spent the night with a friend, Hannah slept until 11:00 (I can't remember if she ever slept in that long)& now she is trying to beat my hula hoop score on the Wii fit. Mama still has it! Oh yeah, Brent went to work like a good little husband.

In scrappy news, I finished the mini album I was working on and I should take pictures of it (I like how it turned out) but I'm lazy. But here is the LO I put to the side to work on the album; I got it finished also, yay!

I'm going to try to blog while we are on our mini break. I'm also going to twitter our trip on the road if you are bored & want to know if Brent & I haven't seperated by the time we get there. (wink, wink wink) I kid!

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