Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To School

The first day of school went well for both kids. Hannah likes her new teacher and Colton found all of his classes okay. So here's to a good school year!

I got the skunk eye from Colton when I told him to get outside for his "first day back to school" picture. I told him he could either do it here or I could follow him around the high school. He picked to do it here :)

I cut Hannah's bangs Tuesday night with a pair of crappy scissors. I got them a little short, LOL! Oh well, her hair grows fast.

They aren't babies anymore :(

I started a Zumba class Tuesday. I liked it a lot. She has class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'm going to sign up today for 10 classes. It's only $40 bucks and the class lasts 1 hour. I laughed a lot during the first class. It's a lot of moves, well, to put it nicely, that hoochies do :) I said you have to find your inner stripper but now I think it's more like your inner hoochie. I'm just hoping there isn't a hidden camera.

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Leeza898 said...

Colton looks so tall. :)