Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Monday

We had a productive weekend. I got up and got to the grocery store & Walmart before it got really hot. Brent and the kids went in to help my dad cut shrubs at the now rent house. Their little faces were beet red when they got home. They rested and then we started putting primer on the fence. Oh my! I was so stinkin' tired but we didn't stop until we ran out of paint. Needless to say we still have lots of fence left. Brent wanted to get up Sunday and go to Lowe's for more primer; I told him please don't :) He listened. I think down deep he didn't want to paint either.

After lunch Sunday, the kids and I headed out to Ardmore. Hannah and I got our toes done up. We dropped off Colton at the movies, he didn't want his toes done up. Party pooper!

Today I'm catching up on my Project 365.

I haven't done any journaling since the first of June. I should be able to catch up in the next couple of days, knock on wood. I used the photo grudge mask from Jessica Sprague's class on the picture. I need to take more time with my pictures and use what I've learn from her.

Update on my Mom. She is still fighting the fight of her life. At her last appointment at the cancer center she found out the tumor hasn't shrunk anymore. They are stopping chemo for 2 weeks for her to try to gain some weight and gain strength. She has been beaten down for the past month. They wanted to put in a feeding tube but she told them to give her 2 weeks to gain weight on her own. She goes back a week from Thursday to see what the next step is. Maybe IV chemo treatments. I hate seeing my parents go thru this shit. And "shit" is what it is to put it lightly. So we take it one day at a time for now. What else do you do?

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Leeza898 said...

Hi Stacy,
Sorry to hear about your mom. We have been going through "shit" too.
My sister in law's breast ca metastisized and it's a matter of time when her liver fully shut down. I couldn't even describe the roller coaster of emotions I have these past few days. We are like sisters. It's so painful to see our love ones suffer. It makes me question a lot of things including our mysprituality. I wish you and your family lots of strength and most especially your mom that gain some weight. I don't mean to let my emotions out here but it just comes out. Funny how joining facebook occupied my mind for the time being. God Bless! I'll keep you in my prayers.