Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation Day Nine (Coming Home)

July 25, 2009 ~ We got up pretty early because we had to drive Denver to fly home. We didn't want to get caught in rush hour traffic. When we were half way to Denver Brent realized that it was Saturday and we wouldn't hit any rush hour traffic. Oy! And I didn't think about it either so I couldn't give him a hard time about getting to the airport so stinkin' early. Oh well. I got to eat Chinese food for breakfast so there you go.

Killing time at the airport. Brent and Colton are playing gin rummy and Hannah is listening to her IPOD. Her ear was hurting. Ended up just being wax build up thank goodness.

Getting ready to board.

And a perfect way to end a vacation :) The SUV started cutting out about an hour from home. Luckily we made it to the dealership. My dad had to come over and pick us up. It ended up being the fuel pump and Brent had taken out an extended warranty when he bought the SUV so we only had to pay $50 thank you very much.

We had a really fun vacation. We did "things" but also did a lot of hanging out which made it really nice.

School started back today. Colton is a freshman and Hannah is in the 4th grade. I thought I was okay but after I dropped them off it hit me that Colton is in high school and his life flashed before me and the water works started. Boy oh boy time flies. Anywho, it's just Ben and I in the mornings now. Luke started 4 year old program. Needless to say the noise level has gone down tremendously :)

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Leeza898 said...

I have a nice time reading your travel blog. Wish I'm back in Colorado. The sceneries are feast to the eyes.