Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reuel Little Classic 2009

Saturday Hannah ran in her 2nd 5K.

Getting stretched.

A warm up run.

And done.

I'm not sure what her time was; they haven't posted them on the website yet. I know she ran it under 30 minutes. She moved up to an older age group so she got 10th but she does get to go to the Junior High State Cross Country Meet Friday in OKC. I'm so excited for her. This will be her last run for this season. One less thing to do :)

A little Phosphorus news ~ Colton had to bring it home for some readjustments of the electrons but the teacher is letting him turn it in tomorrow. He really liked it and wants to keep it for his class. YEA! Brent was a little heartbroken that he, um I mean Colton isn't done. Cross your fingers for a good grade!!!

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