Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been weird going thru my Mom's stuff so soon in my life. We are having a garage sale on Saturday mainly to sell a lot of my Grandma's things but also some of my Mom's things that Daddy won't use or doesn't need. We will have to have another one later because there are still closets to be cleaned out. My Mom liked buying/collecting things, LOL! I wanted to share some pictures of treasures I have now.

These knives belonged to my Grandpa Colley (my Mom's Dad). He was a butcher for most of his adult life and these are the knives he used. I want to display them but not sure how I will. I may have them framed in a shadow box.

This teapot belonged to my Grandma Colley (my Mom's Mom). I love it.

It is a McCoy. I didn't know that they were collector items until my sister Shelly told me. She also informed me it's were the phrase "the real McCoy" came from. Who knew?

This came from Brent's side of the family. We have 2 of them. We were going to hang them from our cowboy grill but they are to little. Brent set them on the tables outside and I'm going to put candles in them. He came up with that idea. I'm training him right :)

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