Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Bit of Oklahoma Snow

We have been hearing about a big cold snap coming for at least 10 days now. It started showing up early this morning with sleet but then snow. I think it's back to sleet right now. It's suppose to get even colder this week with the highs being around the freezing mark which usually is our lows so yeah, that's the talk around these parts :) Anywho, it was still nice out yesterday so the kids, Brent and my Dad worked on splitting wood that has been in our pasture and got it all done and ready for the cold, yea!!!! So today we are just hanging out around the fire and watching t.v. P.S. I love it when TBS shows cheesy chick flicks. You know, the ones you have watched about a million times but you still can watch them again.

Here is a video I got this morning while it was snowing. It's hard to see but thought I would share.

It has taken me almost 3 hours to upload this video and now it's snowing again with bigger and better flakes but the quality of the video is bad and like I said almost 3 hours to get it uploaded so......there you go.

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