Monday, August 8, 2011

More Random Pictures

I'm liking using blogpress. I would definitely recommend this app.

Thought I would share more pictures that have been on my phone. I noticed the pics I edited in instagram are bigger so that's why the different sizes.

When we were in Seabrook I showed my brother in law, niece and nephew geocaching. There were several caches hidden in their neighborhood.

Zack found the first one, well after he destroyed a inground sprinkler unit :). He fixed it though. I laughed so hard.

We found another cache by the tennis courts pretty close to their house. Brandice is holding the cache. It was a itty bitty magnet on a light pole.

This is one of the ways I can get pictures of Colton. We were on our way home. He. Was. Out.

Still have more to share but I'm sharing a little bit at a time because it gives me more posting abilities during a slow time :)

Until next time ~ Stacy

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